Home is wherever the guts are but Vastu compliant home is our top priority. We glance for being at our house, be it at the finish of an extended day or early within the morning. An in-home person seeks comfort, solace and sensible reminiscences with family. Our house is thus vital to us, that’s is why we have a tendency to forever involved concerning safeguarding it from all the negative energies close to us. consistent with many ancient beliefs, every house has its energy kind however it’s vital to possess homes that exude positive energy.

Here are some easy however effective tips which may assist you to secure you and your family from all the negativities:

1. Light lamps, diyas, and incense reception every evening and morning. This performs as a cleansing agent and displaces the negativity or any looking at.
2. Keep in mind that the room ought to be inbuilt in the south-east corner of the house. The north-west corner is another best choice. Still, confirm that the cooking stove is placed within the south-east direction.
3. Immune your room against all iniquities. forever keep the medicines far from the room, as a result of the room indicates health and happiness, and medicines indicate otherwise.
4. According to Vastu, there mustn’t be any mirrors within the room. However, if you have already got a table or a wardrobe mirror, you need to cowl it with a curtain whereas sleeping. And additionally, confirm that the mirror is unbroken far from the bed because it ends up in unhealthiness and family discords.
5. Plants are nice energy-givers, however not all of them fill the house with quality. Thus avoid the plants like succulent and rubber plants within the house that turn out milk, as they impede the soundness and harmony of the house.
6. Use wind bells because the ringing bells, it facilitates in breaking the negative energy and help the positive energy to flow simply, moreover as it’s associate degree attractive call for home decorations.
7. Swastik is the holy image for wealth and prosperity. It’s favorable to use Swastik symbols in the house. Draw the Holy symbols like Swastik and OM on the outer facet of your main door daily and place water (Ganga Jal) within the dark and unused corners of the house and alter it weekly.
8. Most of the folks wish to store spare pieces of stuff however except taking over the area, they additionally carry negative energy. Thus forever keep your house muddle free, so it can help in conveying positive energy and wealth in your home.
9. Wooden article of furniture is meant to provide harmony on the family, thus forever opt for a picket article of furniture for your home over fashionable modern materials. It works higher once the article of furniture conforms to regular shapes like rectangular, circular or square.
10. Bright colors exude positive vibes for home. colors like brown, almond area unit counseled for the master suite. Avoid dark shades particularly if you’re freshly married. colors like yellow, pink, orange, offers happiness and a peaceful setting.

Planning to decorate your home? this might be the perfect time to make sure you add decor items that enhance the Vastu of your home. Consistent with the traditional study of architecture, Vastu Shastra, there are home decor items that will assist you to improve your finances and convey home wealth and prosperity.
To help you improve Vastu for home and improve your holistic well-being, We share some Vastu tips for attaining financial stability and prosperity.

The Entrance – It is believed that the doorway of your home, when designed as per Vastu way, can bring happiness and prosperity. The north or east direction is taken into account ideal for an entrance gate. Using teak wood for the entrance door may be a plus.
For a positive environment, make sure that the doorway is clutter-free and has ample space to maneuver. Don’t leave footwear round the main door of the house, as this is often known to dam the flow of positive energy.

Sleep Well – Sleeping in a room with pungent smell adversely affects your peace and prosperity. To avoid this, leave the bedroom windows open for a minimum of 20 minutes a day and permit fresh air to flow in. Proper ventilation and adequate natural lighting usher in positive energy into the house and, with it, the flow of cash.
On sleeping direction as per Vastu, placing your head within the south is believed to bring wealth.

The Symbol Of Prosperity Buddha – A Buddha statue is the symbol of peace and harmony while giving an exotic touch to your decor. Place it within the drawing-room, kitchen or garden. You’ll install life-size pieces if you’re trying to find an aesthetic appeal during a large space. Moreover, the larger the statue, the more positive energy it’ll attract.

Bring Good Luck With Vastu Paintings – Vastu paintings are known to bring good luck. Pick from a painting of a waterfall, a goldfish or a flowing river. These paintings usher in wealth. For those trying to find overseas career opportunities place painting of foreign currency, flying birds, racing bikes and cars.

Welcome, The Wealth With Windchimes  – Windchimes are known to bring money into your home. Hanging windchimes at the doorway of your home welcomes wealth while hanging them at the toilet entrance prevents wealth from draining out. Avoid hanging windchimes over your head or where you sleep. This may bring negativity in your life.

The ‘Money’ Plant – Money plant, which may even be placed indoors, is understood to bring prosperity and good luck to your home. As per Vastu keeping the cash plant during a green vase within the north direction helps attract money and better career opportunities.

Let The Positive Energy Swim – Fishes, besides being beautiful, is known to draw in financial benefits. Keep an aquarium at home; Vastu claims that this not only brings financial stability but also creates a relaxed atmosphere. choose active fishes; the constant movement of fish is understood to stay the energy of wealth on the move. As per Vastu, aquarium or aquarium should be placed within the south-east direction of the front room or the north direction in other rooms, an aquarium can become the passkey to harmony and success.

Clock In Wealth – Clocks are devices that, consistent with Vastu, energize a direction. confirm that each one clock in your house is in working condition. It’s said that slow or non-functional clocks symbolize delays or stagnation in your finances. Placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity.

Feed The Birds – Birds symbolize harmony, wealth and joy. to draw in wealth and positive energy, keep a bird feeder in your yard or balcony and fill it with water and grains.

Wealth In Your Image – The placement of mirrors in your home is crucial, as these can allow or stop the positive energy from entering your house. consistent with Vastu, keeping a mirror in your cash drawer symbolizes the multiplication of your wealth.
On the opposite hand, a broken mirror, a watch or an electronic appliance should be avoided as these hinder the way of wealth.

Plan For A ‘Purple’ Patch – As per Vastu, the color purple symbolizes wealth. Keeping purple plants like Orchids or purple-colored pots indoor bring tons of positivity.

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